Sunday, March 2, 2014

Do Not Enable Others to Sin

Today I read Habakkuk 2 where the Lord teaches us not to enable others to sin.  At least that is what I took away from this chapter.  The Lord tells Habakkuk that the person who enables his neighbor to get drunk is in peril, I am paraphrasing, but the Lord is not pleased when we allow others to sin.  It is not enough for us to be clean and obeying the commandments, we must not enable others to sin either.  Just like with parents who need to teach their children correct principles and will be held accountable if their children are not taught properly.  If we know our neighbor has a drinking problem, it is entirely unacceptable to give them liquor or alcohol of any kind.  Likewise if we know someone has a chastity problem, we need to make sure we are not putting them in situations where they will be tempted to do that which is wrong.  We are in fact our neighbors keeper.  We need to do our best to help those around us and do that which is right.  Until tomorrow.

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