Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jeremiah Confounds a False Prophet

Today I read Jeremiah 28 where a false prophet gives the people false hope.  Jeremiah is given the word of the Lord to the people and he tells the false prophet Hananiah that he has prophesied wrong things.  I have often wondered when reading chapters like this one and Alma 30 with Korihor, why such people would preach words that are directly in contradiction of the true and living prophet.  Korihor states that he was deceived by the devil and he knew it, but because he liked the words that the devil told him to say, he preached it anyway.  I imagine Hananiah was the same way.  He liked the words that he was told to say, so he either did not consider if they came from God, or said them anyway if he did know.  The moral of the story to me is to follow the prophet no matter what.  Even in our own dispensation we have seen people directly try and contradict the prophet Joseph Smith.  But the Lord has said that no one but His chosen prophet will have revelation for the church and the world as a whole.  That is the best rule of thumb.  If it is not coming from your priesthood leader, it is not revelation for you.  Follow this pattern and things should be ok.  Until tomorrow.

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