Saturday, October 26, 2013

Good Figs

Today I read Jeremiah 24 where the Lord promises to be merciful to those Israelites who are carried away out of Jerusalem.  He likens them to a basket of figs, good and bad ones, that He can either eat or not eat.  I thought this was a very applicable analogy since God cannot be in the presence of anything unclean at all.  I know it is very sad for Heavenly Father when His children make choices that forbid Him from being with them.  I know I would be heartbroken if my daughter cast me out of her life by her choice.  And like Heavenly Father, I would still love her and care about her.  I think God gets a really bad rap from a lot of people because they don't understand that He is bound by laws just like we are.  They think that because He is omnipotent, that He is above everything, but He is bound by rules just like we are.  And there are certain things that are wrong and even He cannot be in the presence of them.  The sooner we learn that, the easier it will be to understand Him.  Until tomorrow.

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