Thursday, October 17, 2013

Israel Will Be Scattered and Then Redeemed

Today I read Jeremiah 16 where the Lord tells Jeremiah He will scatter Israel and that He will sent hunters and fishers out to gather them in at a later time.  Viewing all this from my time and point of reference, this all makes perfect sense.  But I wonder what Jeremiah must have thought hearing all of this?  Was he shown all of this like Isaiah, or Nephi or Moroni was?  I don't really know, but I hope that Jeremiah took comfort in the fact that his people would eventually be redeemed the way Nephi did.  I hope so, because it is a hard thing to be told your people will not survive and that they will be scattered.  Nephi can attest to that.  But to be told they will be redeemed one day, would give hope and renew faith in the Lord's mercies.  I'm sure Jeremiah took comfort in that fact.  Until tomorrow.

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