Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jeremiah Censures Israel

Today I read Jeremiah 4 which is much the same as the first 3 chapters were.  Jeremiah is calling Israel to repentance.  It really is sad how fickle mankind is and how in just a few short years we can completely forget the blessings that Heavenly Father has bestowed upon us.  Laman and Lemuel don't appear so ridiculous once we view it using the lens of modern day people.  Although Laman and Lemuel are a special case as they actually saw angels and conversed with the Lord directly.  But we Americans are no different than ancient Israel.  When we had a crisis, we all turned to God, but within 2 years, almost everyone had forgotten our new found faith in our Maker.  We have to stand up as good examples to those around us as one who will stand as a witness for God at all times.  We have talked about this many times before and there is no need to delve deeper into it.  Until tomorrow.

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