Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Train Your Children to be Kind

Today I read Jeremiah 22 and I liked the beginning verses how it says to do no harm or violence to the stranger, the fatherless nor the widow.  This seems to me like it should be a no brainer, but unfortunately we have all too many people in this world that take advantage of those who are weaker than themselves.  I have never understood why that is or why they feel the need to harm anyone at all.  I really wish we were in the business of teaching our children to be polite and kind to everyone they meet instead of teaching them to take advantage of other people.  And we may not even be actively using those words, however our actions speak way louder than our words and if we are not honest and upright in all our dealings, well our children will see it right away.  Make sure we are not being hypocritical and doing what we way we will.  That is the way to really teach our children the right way to live.  Train them right because they are a reflection on  you.  Until tomorrow.

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