Monday, October 14, 2013

Israel Doesn't Stick with the Lord

Today I read Jeremiah 9 - 13 which all have to do with the Israelites turning away from God.  A few things stood out to me in these chapters.  The first was Jeremiah asking the Lord why the wicked prosper.  It is a question many people have asked themselves before.  We have already covered this in previous postings so we won't go into it again, however it is a real concern for some people.  They don't understand why God would allow the wicked to prosper.  We know however it is not God's doing at all and that is all I'll say.

I also liked the story of Jeremiah taking his girdle and hiding it under a rock for a few days at God's direction.  When he returns a few days later, Jeremiah finds that his girdle has completely rotted through.  Most people I am sure would focus on the part that the girdle was rotten through, however I look at the fact that it was only a few days.  Pointing once again to the fact that Israel, in just a short time, they have turned away from God.  It doesn't take a long time for the heart of man to turn away after worldly pursuits.  It's really sad, but a fact of life.  Until tomorrow.

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