Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jeremiah Prophesies the Captivity of the Israelites

Today I read Jeremiah 27 where the Lord uses Jeremiah to tell the Israelites that they will be carried away captive to Babylon for a time.  I can't help but wonder what people thought of Jeremiah and his preaching.  Or any of the prophets really.  It makes me think of the few times I have seem people standing on a street corner yelling things out and people just walk on by not even paying any attention to the people.  Is that how the people treated Jeremiah?  Did they even pause out of their day to stop and listen to what he was saying?  Did they write him off as a mad man, a doomsayer?  Did they feel a prick in their heart as they heard his words trying in vain to testify of the truth of his words?  I don't know but I know that in our day, people do stop and listen to a prophet's voice, but it is not to take heed, but rather to find fault.  And I suspect that is how it has always been in days of old.  The majority who do stop to listen want to find something that they can then pounce on and say it is not true and "catch" the prophet in a lie.  They do not understand that a true prophet has the Lord on his side and will not be so caught.  If only they would listen with real intent.  If only we all would listen and take heed.  Until tomorrow.

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