Saturday, October 19, 2013

Heavenly Father, the Great Artist

Today I read Jeremiah 18 and I was a little tickled by the imagery Jeremiah used.  He likens Israel to potters clay and Heavenly Father trying to mold and shape it as He sees fit.  It is probably very irreverent to say so, but I thought it kind of funny to picture Heavenly Father sitting at a potters wheel trying to turn Israel into His vision.  Getting angry at it for not cooperating, etc.  The analogy does fit rather nicely though.  Heavenly Father is most definitely trying to mold us and wants us to be in His image.  He will use His tools much like a potter might use a knife to shave off excess clay from a pot, Heavenly Father will use trials and tests to shave off hard edges from His people.  So while it tickled my funny bone, it is a very apt analogy indeed.  Until tomorrow.

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