Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jeremiah Prays to End a Drought

Today I read Jeremiah 14 where Jeremiah prays to the Lord to end a famine with rain and the Lord states He will not because of the iniquity of the people.  It's interesting to compare this episode with Nephi from the Book of Mormon.  After Nephi was given the sealing power, he asked God to send a famine to stop the war that had broken out and when he asked God to end the famine, God did it.  However, when Nephi prayed to have the famine ended the people had all repented and come to Nephi and asked him to pray to God on their behalf.  So I guess the difference is that the Israelites did not come to Jeremiah, they had not repented and so God would not honor His prophet's request to end the drought.  Similar to Mormon praying for his people, but without faith because he knew of their sins.  It is always appropriate to pray for others, but our prayers can only do so much, at some point it is left in the hands of the other person to do something on their own.  Until tomorrow.

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