Thursday, October 3, 2013

Israel Longs for the Second Coming

Today I read Isaiah 64 which appears to me to be a plea for happier times.  Israel is asking for the Second Coming of Christ and anxiously looking forward to it.  I too look forward to Jesus returning and ushering in an era of peace and happiness.  The world disgusts me at times and all the horrors that occur here make me wonder how God can suffer us to remain here and continue on as we are.  There are so many atrocities committed each and every day, so many children abused and not cared for.  It's a wonder God can stay His mighty hand at all.  But there will come a reckoning one day and the natural, vengeful man in me longs for such a day.  The spiritual man in me longs for the world to repent and forsake its evil ways, but I know that won't happen for most of the world.  It's a sad but true fact.  Until tomorrow.

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