Monday, October 7, 2013

Unconditional Love Does Not Mean Unconditional Acceptance

Today I read Jeremiah 2 where the Lord laments the wayward children of Israel.  As I read this chapter I was thinking of all the heartbroken parents of children who stray from the Gospel of Christ.  What heartache such straying causes.  What lamentations much those parents pour out to Heavenly Father in the quiet hours of the night.  Heavenly Father is no different.  He mourns for those who turn away from His loving embrace.  But love them He does, no matter what.  That is what unconditional love is, you love no matter what mistakes are made, no matter what path is chosen.  It does NOT mean that all actions are accepted and approved of, but it does mean that no matter what is chosen, love will be offered and given.  Heavenly Father will never turn away from us and never deny us His love.  So too we should never withhold our love from those that choose another path than us.  The love of a parent/child demands no less.  Until tomorrow.

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