Friday, November 1, 2013

The Lord Counsels the Israelites in Captivity

Today I read Jeremiah 29 where the Lord counsels the people in captivity that they will be there for seventy years.  He advises them to marry and have families.  To have their children marry and have families and to go on with their lives.  He tells them that He did not want them to have this captivity, that it is a result of their unrighteousness and their leaders wrong choices.  I can liken it to being an earthly parent and telling your child not to touch the stove and stopping them every time they try, but that one time you are not looking they touch it anyway.  You warn them and try to help them understand how dangerous it is, how much it will hurt, but they don't listen.  Sometimes, no matter how much you warn and beg them to listen, they have to make the mistakes on their own and discover how wrong of a choice it is.  But even when they choose poorly, we still love them and care for them and want their happiness.  Is our Father in Heaven any different?  Of course not.  He always wants what is best for us.  Until tomorrow.

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