Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Lord Tells Jeremiah He Will Destroy the Philistines

Today I read Jeremiah 47 where Jeremiah foretells the destruction of the Philistines.  At first glance, some people might feel that Jeremiah would be happy to know that the people that have plagued his own people for centuries were going to be destroyed.  But such people would not understand the nature of God and that when the Spirit of the Lord works on you, you change.  Poor Jeremiah was privy to some very awful things and I am sure they caused him much anguish of heart to know.  When you are in tune with the Lord even an enemy's death is painful and causes the heart to hurt for them.  The Lord does not delight in bloodshed.  He does not delight in wickedness and so when a people reach a fullness of iniquity, they are wiped off the face of the earth so that they do not infect others, much like a malignant tumor would be removed from the body so as not to spread to other areas.  I bet Jeremiah was honored to be the Lord's mouthpiece, but I bet that he took no pleasure in the stating that a culture would be destroyed.  Until tomorrow.

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