Friday, November 22, 2013

Jerusalem is Destroyed

Today I read Jeremiah 51 and 52 where the Lord tells Jeremiah He has used Babylon as His tool to punish the nations of the earth but despite that He will overthrow Babylon one day.  Chapter 52 tells again the story of Jerusalem being destroyed.  It says that Jerusalem was destroyed in the 11 year of the reign of Zedekiah and Lehi left during the first year so Jerusalem was destroyed 10 - 11 years after Lehi left Jerusalem.  About the time they arrived at the promised land.  I cannot even imagine what it must have been like to be in a city that is conquered by an opposing army.  And to be besieged for months before that would be just awful.  And only about one thousand people being spared to be captive out of all the inhabitants of Jerusalem!  Such slaughter wounds my heart, even if they were unrighteous.  I am glad I did not live in that time.  Until tomorrow.

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