Friday, November 29, 2013

Ezekiel Learns the Word of God

Today I read Ezekiel 3 where the Lord tells Ezekiel to eat a scroll with the word of God on it.  It honestly reminded me of the Lord's admonition to seek not to declare His word, but seek first to obtain it.  If we want to spread the word of God on His behalf, we first have to learn the word of God.  We do that by studying and through prayer and fasting as the scriptures state.  In the days before Jesus' mortal ministry, it was the same way.  Ezekiel is taught the word of God in a vision, but the fact remains that he was taught it before he could preach the word of God.  Once he had learned the word, he was able to preach and was made responsible for the welfare of the people.  Their blood was on his hands as the Lord said.  We have the same admonition to preach the Gospel or we will be held accountable to those we might have helped.  If we have the same responsibility, then we likewise need to learn the word before we can declare it.  Until tomorrow.

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