Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jeremiah's Journal

Today I read Lamentations 4 and 5.  It was interesting as most of the time Jeremiah was talking about how it is better to die by the sword that it was to die by famine.  I personally agree, I would prefer a quick, probably painful, death as opposed to one where I starve to death over weeks.  However it is strange that a prophet of the Lord would write about this in what appears to be his own journal and not necessarily a revelation from the Lord.  That's another interesting part, I wonder if Jeremiah ever in his wildest dreams thought that this would one day be considered scripture that billions of people read daily.  I know if I was a prophet I would not really want my journals, not even this one I am writing now, to be taken as scripture one day.  That would just be strange to me.  I think it will be interesting to speak to Jeremiah one day and get his perspective on things, of course, I can't wait to talk to a lot of prophets.  I think that will be a lot of fun!  Until one day.

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