Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Destruction of Moab is Told

Today I read Jeremiah 48 where the Lord goes into great detail on how He will destroy Moab.  As I was reading this I could not help but wonder what in the world Moab's people has done to cause the Lord to desire their destruction so completely.  We know that the Lord does not delight in destruction and so when He takes it upon Himself to destroy a people, it is always for a reason.  I often wonder why the Lord doesn't destroy more people.  I cannot even begin to imagine how He puts up with people abusing His precious sons and daughters who are new to this mortality.  As I am today, I could never have His power.  I actively hate those who abuse their children, especially physically.  I have no room in my heart for them.  I don't care what their past was like, I don't care what their reasons are, there is NO excuse for hurting an infant or toddler.  I have a long way to go if I want to be exalted and every time I read about such things or see it on the news I ask Heavenly Father how He can stand such atrocities.  I know He will tell me one day and help me understand because honestly, that is my one fear about exaltation is I don't see how I can allow such things to happen and how I can comfort those who need it and not just cry for the horrors all the time.  I need His help to learn how because I do want to be like He is one day, and He will help me.  Until tomorrow.

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