Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Israelites Tell Jeremiah, and the Lord, That They WIll Be Disobedient

Today I read Jeremiah 44 and I was floored by the fact that the people of Israel were willfully being disobedient.  Jeremiah told them not to burn incense and told them the word of the Lord, and they flat out said they did not care and were going to do it anyway.  Now, to be fair, people who knowingly break the commandments are doing the same thing, they just are not saying it out loud to the prophet of the Lord.  Now, there are those that have a weakness that make it very hard to overcome and so they sin a lot more than they might want to.  As long as they are working on correcting the behavior and working with Heavenly Father to get better, I think the Lord looks favorably on them.  But those who willfully disobey Him are another matter.  We need to be getting better little by little each and every day, our heart must be in the right place.  Because where our heart is, that is where our effort will be.  Until tomorrow.

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