Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Lord Prepares Ezekiel to Preach

Today I read Ezekiel 4 where the Lord told Ezekiel to make a type and shadow of the siege of Jerusalem and how the Israelites would live when they are scattered.  Parts of it are very interesting indeed.  It is interesting that the Lord is instructing Ezekiel to do this, to give him first hand knowledge so that when he preaches to the people he will be convincing.  At least I imagine that is the reason behind it.  I cannot imagine it being for anything else really.  It really does amaze me how the Lord will go to such great lengths to warn His people and try and help them repent and do what's right.  He really does love us just like our earthly parents love us and want to help us.  I imagine if we could feel even 10% of the love He has for us, we would be amazed at what we would find.  Until tomorrow.

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