Sunday, December 1, 2013

God's Word WIll Be Fulfilled

Today I read Ezekiel 5 and 6 both about Israel being punished for their sins.  I liked a phrase that the Lord used in chapter 6, "and that I have not said in vain that I would do this evil unto them."  People sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that when the Lord has said something will happen, perhaps it won't.  Now, I am not speaking of when the prophets say that we need to repent or this will happen.  In those settings, if we repent we will absolutely avoid the calamity that the Lord caused to be prophesied.  However, people sometimes mistake the goodness of God as a carte blanche to sin and avoid His warnings.  Make no mistake about it, God does not want to punish us, anymore than we want to punish our children.  But He is God, which means He has to keep His word, or the universe would cease to exist.  So if we don't shape up when He gives us the opportunity to do so, then we will absolutely pay the price He warned us about.  God's word cannot pass away, and unless He retracts His word, which I can only think of two times that He has done that, we had better believe that what He is warning us about is going to happen.  Until tomorrow. 

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