Monday, December 23, 2013

Ezekiel Laments the Loss of Tyrus

Today I read Ezekiel 27 where he laments the loss of Tyrus.  He names off all the good that is in the city and among the people.  It is heartwarming to see Ezekiel focusing on the positive of the city that the Lord is going to destroy.  It shows that Ezekiel has the love of Christ in Him and that he loves all mankind, even those that are in the wrong.  It goes hand in hand with loving the sinner but hating the sin.  When I was a missionary it was so easy to feel the love of Christ for everyone I was serving.  It would just pour out of me and help me love all of those around me.  It really is no surprise that Ezekiel is the same way since he is a prophet.  When you are full of the Spirit it is easy to feel love.  What a world we would have if we were all full of love and the Spirit always!  Until tomorrow.

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