Friday, December 6, 2013

Ezekiel Sees the Future in Vision

Today I read Ezekiel 11 where Ezekiel is shown a vision of the destruction of Israel and the gathering again in the latter days.  What must it be like to be shown a vision of the future?  I imagine it must be really weird to be honest.  I mean to be living in the middle ages and be shown visions of cars and airplanes?  That would be really mind blowing I think.  But I will wager that the prophets of old when they were shown such visions were not so focused on our technology as they were what kind of people we are.  And we know from Moroni's account that he was not impressed at all.  Probably the other prophets were not either.  We are not a people that puts God first in our lives, or even second, third, fourth or fifth.  God is almost an afterthought to most people.  And yet the very first commandment is no other gods before Him.  We are not doing a good job of following that commandment.  Now, I am not saying that other demands for our time are not as important as Heavenly Father, but what I am saying is that we allow other demands to become MORE important that God.  This is not pleasing to Him at all.  We all have some repenting to do.  No time like the present!  Until tomorrow.

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