Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We Sin the Same Way

Today I read Ezekiel 22 where the Lord lists out all the major sins that the Israelites have committed over the centuries.  And you know what?  It's not anything we don't have today.  For all our sophistication and technology and learning, we are still committing the exact same sins they were thousands of years ago.  Nothing has changed.  This tells me that if we don't want the same fate as the Israelites had, we need to repent and do better.  Because the Lord will only give so many chances to repent and become better than we are.  If we squander them, there generally aren't second chances.  We have to make the most of our time here and repent when we make mistakes, daily.  Otherwise, how can we expect our fate to be any different sine God does not change?  Until tomorrow.

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