Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ezekiel See Exaulted Animals in a Vision

Today I read Ezekiel 10 where Ezekiel has a vision that reminds me a lot of John the Beloved's vision as recorded in Revelations.  John sees animals with four faces and four wings, much like the animals that John saw that the Lord later revealed to Joseph Smith were animals that were exalted for fulfilling the measure of their creation.  It is interesting to me, because apparently other worlds have different animals than we do, which I think is really neat.  I like our animals here, but it is kind of awesome to think that other worlds have other animals that seem really weird to us but then again, our animals would seem really strange to us if the inhabitants of the other worlds could see them.  It does kind of make you wonder however why Heavenly Father shows His prophets these visions, it does not seem to have been terribly essential to Ezekiel's salvation that I can tell.  Perhaps Heavenly Father just wanted to show Ezekiel something he would appreciate.  Like an artist displaying his artwork.  Until tomorrow.

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