Thursday, December 12, 2013

Don't Stick Around for Oathbreakers

Today I read Ezekiel 17 where the Lord explains to the Israelites why the Pharaoh of Egypt did not save them from the king of Babylon.  I have always wondered why people would trust a traitor, or someone who does not keep their promises.  What makes them think that the person in question won't do it to them one day also?  It's the exact same thing with becoming involved with a person who is married and then continuing when you find out they are married.  Why do you think that even if that person leaves their spouse they are not going to cheat on you?  What makes you so special?  The answer of course is nothing.  But for some reason so many people don't look at it that way.  People are fickle, I get that much.  But why would we knowingly put ourselves in the path of such people and stay there even after their true nature is exposed?  That is what we really need to ask ourselves.  Until tomorrow.

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