Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Lord Takes Care of His People

Today I read Ezekiel 26 where the Lord tells Ezekiel that He will destroy Tyrus because they against Jerusalem.  This reminds me a lot of when the Lord would protect His people and destroy a city that was not taking care of their righteous people.  Like the city of Ammonihah in the Book of Mormon.  They killed the righteous women and children that lived in their city and as a result the Lord destroyed their city in just one day.  The Lord will always take care of his people and will not leave them to suffer without recourse forever.  He loves all His children, but He absolutely will not suffer the wicked to persecute and slay the righteous men and women.  When we obey His commandments we have His promise that He will give us blessings.  It will not always be in the way we imagine, but He will always come through for us.  We can count on Him.

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