Monday, November 25, 2013

The Lord Does Things for Our Good

Today I read Lamentations 3 and I really like how Jeremiah comments on how the Lord is not picking on people or civilizations.  He does not gain pleasure from it.  Too often mankind makes the mistake of thinking that the Lord is some giant kid with a magnifying glass on us little ants.  Such a statement is a huge disservice to our Master and Creator.  Those who know the Lord's true character know that He never does anything that is not for our benefit, or for the protection of His followers or to keep His word.  He has destroyed entire civilizations but that has always been in fulfillment of His promises that He has made to others.  However, on the individual level, I cannot think of anytime when He has done something that was not a natural result of our choices or would help us grow.  That is just who He is.  He wants to help us be better.  We just need to let Him.  Until tomorrow.

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