Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Israelites Fail to Uphold Their Covenants

Today I read Jeremiah 34 where the Lord commands the Israelites to let all their servants go, just as He told them to do in the law of Moses.  Every seventh year all debts are supposed to be paid and all servants were to be set free.  Indentured servants I should clarify.  Apparently the Israelites were not doing this but they did when the Lord commanded them to, but then they went back afterwards and made them all servants again.  Of course the Lord was not pleased by this at all.  It is just sad how fickle people are and how they give a semblance of obeying, but in reality, they have it in their hearts to go back on their word as soon as they can.  Such duplicity is not pleasing to the Lord at all.  If He wants us to be honest in our dealings with our fellow man, how much more does He want us to be honest with Him?  It would behoove us all to treat every dealing with the Lord with the utmost integrity.  We will never go wrong if we do.  Until tomorrow.

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