Friday, May 30, 2014

Why Do We Help?

Today I read Jacob 1 and I felt a kinship with Jacob when he declared that he desired to be able to bring all men everywhere into the fellowship of God and to convince them to no longer rebel against God.  I too long for a world where everyone treats each other as the Savior would and with respect.  Sadly we live in a very selfish world and so we are not prone to treat one another well.  However, the goodness of humanity does shine through from time to time.  In times of accident or tragedy we all rush to help and do what we can to assist.  Where does this sense of altruism come from?  It is the kinship we feel deep down inside that draws us together to help?  Is it the love of Christ that we innately feel for one another that causes us to hurt when we see others hurting?  I'm not sure, but something speaks to us on a basic level when others are in need and compels us to help out.  And that is a good thing.  If we would all listen to it instead of squashing it, we could have the millennium now, here on the earth for all to enjoy.  Until tomorrow.

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