Saturday, May 10, 2014

Don't Be Part of Society

Today I read 2 Nephi 18 and I was impressed with the statement that God made to His servants to not be part of the society.  This statement is always good to hear, but for the righteous individual it is a bit redundant.  I know if Isaiah is anything like me, he felt very uncomfortable among the people of the world.  The things they find pleasure in, the things they talk about, and the activities they pursue are not the things I want to be doing.  Whenever I find myself indulging in the things of the world, I feel the Spirit start to leave and feel uncomfortable.  I cannot imagine a prophet of God is able to tolerate the "world" any better than me.  That is why I think telling Isaiah to not be part of society is a little redundant.  But when we are younger and don't have the Gift of the Holy Ghost with us at all times, it is good to be reminded of that command.  It helps make wise choices.  That is why I will teach my daughter this truth as well until she receives the Gift of the Holy Ghost to help her along the way too.  Until tomorrow.

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