Sunday, May 18, 2014

Satan Willfully Rejected Heavenly Father

Today I read 2 Nephi 24 and I was struck by the verses regarding Lucifer, or Satan.  It sometimes slips my mind that Heavenly Father still loves Satan and feels sorrow for the choices he has made.  He is one of God's children and is not hated by Heavenly Father.  But rather is mourned much as we mourn a child, parent, sibling or friend who strays away from the truth.  However, we still have hope that our loved ones will return and repent of their wrong doings.  Heavenly Father has no such comfort.  He knows that not only will Satan not repent, he CANNOT repent.  He willfully and knowingly rejected Heavenly Father.  Unlike those here on the earth that turn away from Him, Satan knew what he was doing when he turned against God.  While I mourn that such a person as Satan, a man who would knowingly go against God, exists, I do not feel compassion for him.  He made his choice, and I will make mine.  Until tomorrow.

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