Saturday, May 24, 2014

Why Do We Limit God?

Today I read 2 Nephi 29.  As I was reading I could not help but wonder where the idea that there can be only 1 book of scripture came from in the first place.  Where did the idea that the Bible is the be all end all come from?  The answer of course is obvious that Satan convinced the people that this was the case based on misinterpreting scripture.  But I wonder if the people that state there can only be 1 Bible realize that they are limiting God and placing man made restraints on Him when they say such things?  I bet they do not think about it in such ways.  I bet they think they are following what He wants them to think and do and are being led carefully down to hell as they follow what they believe to be truth.  The fine line to walk however is not judging them for doing what they think is right, but rather to love them and offer the truth and not be upset if they choose to turn away from it.  That is really the hard part.  But it is what we are asked to do and it is what we will do.  Until tomorrow.

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