Saturday, May 17, 2014

Value Life

Today I read 2 Nephi 23 and I was struck by verse 12 where the Lord tells Isaiah that He will make man more precious than fine gold.  I find that interesting because a person is already precious in the sight of God, but once I thought about it for a few minutes, I realized that mankind is not precious in the sight of man.  There are some that definitely value life, but if you watch the news and looks at the horrible parts of the world, you come to find that we don’t value life like we should.  The criminals of the world view life as very cheap. 

It is interesting that just today I was wondering why is that the organized crime has always dressed in suits and taken great pains to look as neat and clean as possible?  It reminds me of the Savior talking to the Pharisees and comparing them to tombs, that are white on the outside but house a dead body inside.  Satan dresses his servants very well so that they look nice but are foul on the inside.  There is also the idea that Satan imitates and corrupts the ways of the Lord.  The Lord wants us to dress our best, He wants us to treat people with respect and to dress like we want to be treated.  The Lord wants us to be like He is.  He wants us to do what is right.  He wants us to value life.  We do a pretty good job, but not nearly as good as we should.  This is what He wants us to change.  We need to value life like He does.  When we do that, we will become more like He is.  Until tomorrow.

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