Friday, May 16, 2014

Why Do We Make the Choices We Make?

Today I read 2 Nephi 22 where it says in the Millennium all men will praise the Lord.  I sometimes wonder why everyone would not choose to become a member of the church in the Millennium when they see that Jesus is obviously with the LDS church.  However today I think it comes down to not everyone wants the Gospel.  Even when given evidence of something true, some people just do not want to change their ways or do not want what the Gospel will bring.  I know I sometimes wonder how if I am exalted how I will handle all the evil in the world and not do something about it.  It hurts my heart so much when I see and hear about the evil in the world, I don’t know how God, the source of all righteousness does it.  How does He let those things happen, even when He knows it is for the best ?  I know some might say that it is similar to letting a doctor give your child a shot, or letting them suffer the consequences of their bad choices.  But how can you compare letting someone give your child a shot to letting your son or daughter get kidnapped and forced into a  life of slavery?  I just don’t know how He does it.  But despite all this and my misgivings, I still desire to be exalted one day.  It does not deter me and I do not understand why the people at that time will still reject the Gospel and the truth.  But to each their own.  Until tomorrow.

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