Thursday, May 8, 2014

Do We Need to Tempt the Lord?

Today I read 2 Nephi 17.  How is it that some people just seem to get it and understand?  In this chapter Ahaz is given a chance to ask anything of the Lord.  He states that He will not ask or tempt the Lord.  How many of us if given the chance to ask anything of the Lord would so answer?  How many of us would be humble enough to tell the Lord we don't need anything?  How many of us would turn down a sign or a wonder to prove the Lord our God?  We live in an age when we will only believe what we see.  We will only believe in our senses.  And because we have to experience all things in a spiritual manner, so many of us don't believe it, we deny what we feel because we cannot quantify it. 

But then there are a few of us that trust ourselves.  We trust what it is we are feeling.  We allow the Holy Ghost to have a place in our hearts and to change us.  This is what allows us to overcome the natural man and to become more like our Heavenly Father.  This is the purpose of our existence here on the earth.  To make the wise choice.  To become better men and women than when we arrived.  Do I need a boon or a sign to know He is real?  No.  Do I need a sign to know He loves me?  I've had hundreds in my life.  I don't need any more than what I have been given.  It is enough for me.  Until tomorrow.

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