Friday, May 2, 2014

To Gather With the Saints

Today I read 2 Nephi 12 where Nephi quotes Isaiah.  I have often wondered why some people are so intent on going to certain places they consider holy.  I understand going to the temple, where the devil can’t go and where you can feel peace.  However, I have not understood the need of some to go to Jerusalem or to fight wars over it for sure.  If I ever had to flee America due to a war or whatnot, I am pretty sure I would just make my new home where I was and move on with my life.  Perhaps it is a cultural thing.    But then again, even in our day and age there are people that are drawn to Utah.  And in the 19th century thousands upon thousands flocked to be with the Saints in Utah.  But did that have more to do with the fellowship of the Saints compared to the location?  I personally think so, but I am not sure since I was not there nor was I one of them.  Perhaps I will never understand it though, I am a pretty easy going guy and make a good life for myself no matter where I am as long as my family is with me.  That is what is most important to me.  Until tomorrow.

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