Thursday, May 29, 2014

Worry a Little, Rely on the Lord for the Rest

Today I read 2 Nephi 33 and it makes me wonder, what must it be like to be a prophet?  Nephi says that he waters his pillow over his people at night.  I know that I have spent many nights wondering what I can do to help my daughter and wife be healthier.  Is that what Nephi means?  Has he spent nights thinking on how he can help his people as a whole?  It must be.  I am sure President Monson is the same way.  I am sure he thinks continually on what he can do to help the members of the church be more faithful, to fulfill their covenants, to make sacred covenants and to magnify their callings.  The Savior taught that whosoever shall lose his/her life for His sake shall find it.  In other words if you spend your time in His service, it is a good life and not wasted.  Nephi spent his life in the service of his people.  I think he would tell you that he had a happy life.  I know that when I set aside what I want to do in order to help my wife and my daughter, I am happier than if I just blew them off and did what I wanted to do.  Just because you are worried about the people you have stewardship for, does not mean you are putting your entire life on hold.  It means you do the best you can, and listen to the Spirit guide you.  When you do that, the Lord will help you and you will not fret more than is needed.  Until tomorrow.

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