Sunday, June 1, 2014

Be True to Your Spouse in Mind as Well as Body

Today I read Jacob 2 where Jacob has to talk to his people about the sin of pride and chastity.  I struggle to understand how married men and women for that matter can not be faithful to their spouses.  Most of the time I think that anyone who commits adultery cannot really and truly love their spouse, because if you love them, you put their needs and desires ahead of your own.  And adultery is most possibly the most selfish act one can do in a marriage.  But then I think of other ways one can not be faithful to a spouse.  Imagining sex acts with another person is being unfaithful to a spouse.  We are supposed to be faithful in mind as well as in body.  If we indulge in fantasies with women/men other than our spouse we are breaking their trust in us. 

Now I do want to say here that dreams are not the same thing.  I know all too many women who get mad at their husbands because either they themselves dreamed something or their husbands did.  I have been blessed with a wife who understand that we have no control whatsoever in what we dream.  But when we are awake and fantasizing, that is another thing all together.  We must remain pure in heart and mind if we are to truly be faithful to our spouse.  I would never purposefully cause any harm to my wife so I need to not cause her harm inadvertently by being unfaithful in my mind.  If I am to become one flesh with her, that means I need to remain faithful to her in every form/fashion there is.  The Lord delights in the chastity of women, shouldn't we delight in it also?  Until tomorrow.

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