Friday, June 27, 2014

How Did the People Fall So Quickly?

Today I read Mosiah 11 where Noah is given the kingdom and leads his people on to wickedness.  I am honestly rather surprised that the people turned to wickedness so quickly after being taught the right way by Zeniff and the priest he appointed.  I wonder if they justified the wickedness and the unhappy feelings they felt based on the fact that their king was doing it?  I know when I step out of line I feel bad, the Spirit leaves me and it leaves an ache behind.  Surely these people also felt this way.  So did they just ignore it?  Or were they already desensitized to the Spirit?  Surely not all of them saw the example of King Noah and just dove right into sin.  I know sin for the more part is enjoyable to the natural man, but to the righteous person who is trying to do what is right, it takes a lot longer to fall off the path of righteousness and feel comfortable committing sin.  Although from an eternal standpoint it happens very fast, or can I should say.  So perhaps it was not as quickly as this chapter makes it out to be.  And there were good and righteous people, as evidenced by the amount of people that Alma baptized when he preached the Gospel and the words of Abinadi.  Perhaps they were just uncomfortable speaking up when they were surrounded by such debauchery.  I know I probably would be.  Until tomorrow.

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