Saturday, June 21, 2014

Limhi's Curiosity Saves Ammon

Today I read Mosiah 7 where Ammon and his brethren seek out the people of Limhi.  It has always interested me how Limhi states that the only reason he did not have Ammon and his brethren put to death right away is because he was curious why Ammon was so bold as to approach the city when he knew he would be captured.  How lucky Ammon is, to owe his life to Limhi's curiosity.  I know if I were Ammon at that point I would be praying hard to Heavenly Father in thanks for Limhi and his curious mind.  If often amazes me how events unfold and happen on the basis of one single decision by one person.  Because I made one decision one night 8 years ago, both my best friends got married.  It would not have happened otherwise.  It is always so fun and strange how the smallest choices can yield large results.  Never doubt the power of choice and agency.  Until tomorrow.

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