Friday, June 6, 2014

Why Do People Reject Truth?

Today I read Jacob 6 and as I was reading I had a thought.  Jacob pleads with the people who will read these words to not reject them.  God said that so many people are searching for the truth and they don't know where to find it.  Why is it that so many can recognize the truth when they find it, but so many others reject it out of hand?  Have they been blinded by Satan for so long that they can no longer recognize the Light of Christ they were born with?  Have they ignored the promptings of the Holy Ghost for so long that its whisperings are softer than the wind?  Why is it, that as much as this Gospel makes sense and conforms to what so many people believe, they will still reject it?  I really don't understand.  Maybe I am blinded by how clear it is because I was born with it in my life.  While it is true I have made a conscious choice to follow it now that I am grown, I have always known it and always loved it.  Maybe that is the difference.  Until tomorrow.

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