Sunday, June 22, 2014

Limhi Used Plates for His Records

Today I read Mosiah 8 and I was very curious that the people of Limhi kept their records on plates also.  I wonder if they even thought about doing it that way or if they were just doing the way they had always known about?  I suspect they were doing it just because their fathers and so on did it that way.  I wonder if at any time the Nephites kept any kind of a record on regular old paper?  I truly don't know but I suspect that if it was a record of any kind it was kept on plates.  It is also interesting to me that the people of Limhi were so interested in the Jaredites and their destroyed civilization.  Apparently the Jaredites were not very advanced in terms of civilization if they were still using copper and brass for armor.  It is very sad though that they destroyed themselves and allowed Satan to get so great a hold on their hearts.  It is a great lesson to us not to allow ourselves to be consumed by hate and bitterness.  We know the consequences already if we do!  Until tomorrow.

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