Monday, June 30, 2014

It is Dangerous to Fear Man More Than God

So our ward has been challenged to read the Book of Mormon in 90 days and my families reading just caught up to my personal reading.  So today we read Mosiah 13 – 17.  I wonder if Alma had a true testimony before hearing the words of Abinadi?  We do not know anything about him prior to his conversion upon hearing the testimony of Abinadi.  I would imagine that maybe Alma had a spark of a testimony but then fell off the path of righteousness when surrounded by the other priests who were not doing what they should be doing.  But then again maybe he just liked the prestige and then became truly converted once he heard Abinadi’s words. 

It is also interesting to me that King Noah almost let’s Abinadi go and it says that he feared the Lord and what Abinadi prophesied.  But he apparently, like Martin Harris, feared his fellow men more than he did the Lord.  It is really sad to see men that could have been more, but allowed the people around them to dictate what they would do.  I try really hard to do what is right, no matter who is around, because I know that God is always there, watching over me.  He wants me to do what is right, and I love Him so I want to do what is right also.  Until tomorrow.

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