Tuesday, July 1, 2014

So Many Heroes of the Book of Mormon

Today I read Mosiah 18 - 20.  I have always loved Mosiah 18, typically thought of as the baptism chapter because this is the chapter that Alma reviews the oath and covenant made at baptism.  I wonder if Alma was taught by angels?  I know he was converted by Abinadi's words, but is that all he used?  I know in later chapters he converses with the Lord and gains understanding that way, but at the beginning was he just left with the words of Abinadi?  Alma is definitely one of those I am looking forward to meeting one day beyond the veil.

In chapter 20 I was impressed with Gideon and his lack of desire for blood.  He was very good at convincing King Limhi to spare the Lamanite king and to have the daughters of the Nephites plead for their family's lives.  I wonder if Gideon had heard the words of Abinadi or if he was converted later by Alma?  However it happened, he was absolutely converted at some point and became quite a champion for the Lord.  There are so many people I want to meet and spend just an hour with when I cross over to the other side.  I wonder if we will be able to spend time just meeting our heroes?  I wonder, do they watch us?  Or are they too busy preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  I find it strange to even think that the prophets of the Book of Mormon would take time to watch me.  Why would they?  One day I will know the answer to all these questions I have.  One day.  Until tomorrow.

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