Saturday, July 19, 2014

I am Left to Mourn Because of Their Ignorance

I have not been feeling well this week and have missed a few days.  However I have kept up with my reading and have read Alma 25 - 31 in the past few days.  It's hard to pick out what is most enjoyable about so many good chapters, but I suppose if I am being honest with myself the thing that has been weighing most heavily on my mind lately has to be Korihor and those like him.

It just blows my mind when people will reject hundreds, thousands of eye witnesses.  And yet will find the one exception to the rule and cling mercilessly to it as the reason why those thousands of people are in fact wrong.  Part of me is so impressed by their stalwart, foolish defense of their position.  It's almost like a person a sinking boat arguing that they are not sinking as the water covers up their mouth and stops them from talking.  Of course they are welcome to their own thoughts and opinions, but myself I try and keep an open mind.  If you can argue your cause well enough and have the facts to back it up, I can be persuaded that I am wrong.  The problem I find with most people is they do not have the facts to back it up and are just arguing a certain way because that is how they feel.  And they have every right to feel that way, but don't expect me to jump on board because you feel a certain way and have no facts or eternal truth to back it up.  That is why I cannot be turned from the Gospel.  I have been presented with mountains of facts and have a personal witness from one of the Members of the Godhead Himself that has testified of its truthfulness to me.  And the really sad thing to me, is everyone has that same opportunity if they will just ask.  But they won't so they remain in ignorance and I am left to mourn as did Nephi of old.  Until tomorrow.

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