Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stand Up for What is Right!

Today I read Alma 2 - 3 which gives the account of Amlici and the war he caused.  I hate to say it, but I see this happening in our day.  Amlici and his followers wanted Amlici to be king over the land, so they had a vote.  Amlici and his people lost but instead of accepting the will of the people, they got mad and tried to circumvent the system anyway.  This is exactly what happened with the vote on homosexual marriage.  There were votes, and in almost every case it was voted against allowing it to be done, overwhelmingly so in most cases.  And yet those people who want to allow such things to happen could not accept the will of the people and are raising protests.  I am very much afraid that it will turn to actual fighting here before too long. 

I sometimes wonder about issues like this and I think about how the Lord would want me to handle them.  Fortunately, I have the scriptures to show me exactly how He wants me to handle issues that are against His will.  He wants us to stand up for what is right and not apologize for it.  I remember when the Prohibition was being voted on to be repealed and how President George Albert Smith took a stand and plead with the Saints to not repeal it.  I am very sure that all the same arguments were made then that are being made now about marijuana and abortion and yet the prophet of God still stood firm in what was right.  Can we do any differently today?  I should think not!  Until tomorrow.

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