Monday, July 21, 2014

Alma Teaches Corianton

Today I read Alma 39 - 41 which is where Alma talks to his son, Corianton.  I know most people tend to focus on Corianton's mistake, his breaking of the Law of Chastity while on his mission, but that is really unfair.  That is judging the poor man by the worst, I hope, mistake of his life.  One that if the scriptures are to be believed, he repented of and never made again!  That's the part we should be focusing on.  Much like his father, Alma the Younger, he repented of his youthful ways and never turned back to them.  He later goes on to serve more missions and faithfully teaches the Gospel to many men and women.  He is a man I can relate with, after all, I'm not perfect.  I'm certainly no Alma.  I am trying to be though.

The other lessons I learn about Corianton is he is a young man anxiously striving to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and getting frustrated because it is not making sense to him.  Alma takes the time to read the scriptures with his son and to help him understand, like a good father should.  I too have wrestled with questions before and spent long hours, days sometimes, pondering a question about the Gospel.  The fact that Corianton feels comfortable speaking with his father about it is a good thing to my mind.  A lot of children, youth are not comfortable speaking to their leaders or parents and so go to other sources for information, which we adults know will not always be reliable.  As far as rebukes go this is a very gentle one too.  I can feel the love Alma has for his son and how he is begging him to repent and to search the scriptures more diligently.  If all men, and women, had fathers like Alma the Younger, this would would be amazing and scriptorians to boot!  Until tomorrow.

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