Thursday, July 3, 2014

We Have to Be Allowed to Fail

I missed a few days it seems.  In the last couple of days I have read Mosiah 21 - 26.  I've always felt a certain kinship with Alma the Elder, I am not sure why though.  I just have always felt close to him, probably more so than any other prophet from the Book of Mormon.  I have always liked the way he faces his trials and how he always relies on the Lord.  I know all the rest of the prophets did too, but Alma just always stands out to me. 

As a parent, I can relate to Heavenly Father giving His people trials.  I have never given my daughter a trial on purpose, but I have certainly noticed when something will be an issue for her, but instead of taking care of it for her, I wait and see what she will do.  A lot of the time she will try to take care of it on her own, which makes me very proud.  If she runs into trouble, she will 100% of the time ask me or her mother for help in overcoming it.  Sometimes she will ask even before attempting the task and sometimes we will help her, but most of the time we encourage her to try it first.  This is very similar to our trials here on earth.  God wants us to try it out ourselves and it is only when we get stuck that He wants us to reach out to Him for help.  Sometimes if we reach out first, He will have compassion on us, but most of the time He wants us to stretch ourselves and do all we can before He helps us.  Just like with my daughter and I.  I love her very much and want to help her, but I also know if I help her with every single thing she comes up against, she will never grow and mature.  She has to be allowed to fall and to fail.  Just like I do.  Until tomorrow.

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