Sunday, July 13, 2014

King Lamoni's Preparation

Today I read Alma 17 - 21 which is the first half of the mission of Ammon and his brethren to the Lamanites.  I have often wondered why it was that Ammon administered to his brethren instead of Aaron.  Aaron was the eldest son of King Mosiah, per Mosiah 29, so why didn't he minister to the rest?  I have always thought that it was due to Ammon being the most spiritual of the bunch.  That is what I still believe although I have no evidence to support it really. 

Chapter 18 always makes me wonder what had happened in King Lamoni's life to prepare him for Ammon.  I mean did he often allow Nephites to come into his land and attempt to marry off his daughters to them?  I doubt it.  So what why did he do that to Ammon?  Could he sense the Spirit inside of Ammon and understood that he was special?  It might be that, but I think it also partly has to do with the fact that he was Spiritually prepared to accept Ammon and what he had to teach.  Having served a mission myself I am generally in awe of Ammon and his brethren and what they had to suffer in order to accomplish their mission.  I cannot even imagine going through what they did to serve a mission.  They really were converted to the Lord in order to no longer view their enemies as enemies, but as lost souls who needed help.  I hope I can be converted like that some day.  Until tomorrow.

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